Speen HQ conditions of use


Conditions of Use for Users of Speen Scout HQ

  1. Coleheath Bottom is an access road so please park considerately to avoid obstructing the lane. When parking on Chapel Hill, please allow sufficient space for traffic to exit Coleheath Bottom safely.
  2. Please do not drive onto the grass camping area. There is space for two cars immediately alongside the hut where there is grass-covered hardstanding delineated by marker posts.
  3. The key to the front door is held in a key safe (behind the small red door to the right of the main door). Do not alter the code. Make sure the safe is locked after replacing the key to the safe.
  4. The mains water supply is turned off at the ball valve (right hand corner under the sink in the kitchen) when the building is not occupied. Please ensure that it is turned off when you leave.
  5. Electricity consumption by occasional users is charged according to use from 1 October to 31 March. Please take photos of the meter (located in middle cupboard at the rear of the hall) when you arrive and when you leave, to be sent to the Booking Secretary.
  6. There are heaters in the main hall and the kitchen that are operated on a timer switch but can be advanced manually as required; the switch is located at the back of the hall with instructions. Do not change the timed settings. When the heating is on, you may also have to turn on the hall heaters (separate switches adjacent to the timer) and there is a cord pull for the kitchen heater.
  7. The light switches for the main hall are located at the front and back of the hall. There is an outside light above the entrance door activated by a push-in type timer switch (located to the right of the door with instructions). If leaving in the dark, use the timer button, not the manual on/off switch (this leaves the light on permanently).
  8. Despite the rural aspect of the building and grounds, it is very close to a residential area. Please be quiet after 11.00 p.m.
  9. The adjacent woodland is for the enjoyment of users but it is important not to trespass beyond the boundary markers as this is private land. Please consult the map in the hut.
  10. We try to maintain a good woodpile if users wish to have fires. Please ensure these are no larger than necessary. Avoid having fires when the weather if very hot and dry.
  11. We expect hall users to replace wood they have used for the benefit of the next group. Please keep the wood pile tidy.
  12. There may be some fallen dead wood to be found in our area of woodland. Do not damage living trees.
  13. There is a very active badger set in the woods; please respect it.

On leaving the hut:

  1. Please walk-over the campsite to pick up litter and ensure that no tent pegs are left.
  2. Sweep the main room floor (hoover and brushes are provided in the middle cupboard at the end of the hall). Mop the floor if muddy (mop/bucket in kitchen).
  3. Clean and flush all toilets, brush and mop the floors as necessary, and clean the shower and sinks. Before you leave, ensure that all of the toilet lids are closed.
  4. Brush and mop the kitchen floor as necessary. Wipe over the kitchen surfaces, including the cooker, microwave, fridge and the sinks.
  5. It is important that no food is left in the building (to avoid encouraging vermin) when you leave. Crockery and cutlery must be put away clean and dry in the boxes provided with the lids shut.
  6. We do not have a rubbish collection so please take all rubbish away with you (black plastic bags are provided in the kitchen).
  7. Ensure that the water is turned off in the kitchen (handle perpendicular to pipe).
  8. Ensure that the heaters are turned off and photo of electricity meter is taken.
  9. Close all windows and lock the door.
  10. Close the double gates and ensure that the throw-over gate latch is secure.
  11. Report any damage or anything not working in the first instance to the Booking Secretary (Pauline, 01494 488372, 07771 573943, speen@chilternvalescouts.org.uk)

Fire precautions:

  1. There are two fire extinguishers at either end of the main hall, and one extinguisher and a fire blanket in the kitchen.
  2. The main fire exit is the front door and the secondary fire exit is at the rear of the hall, the key for which is in a break glass box attached to the right hand door.
  3. Both fire exits are indicated by illuminated fire exit signs.
  4. The use of liquid fuelled stoves is not permitted anywhere in the building. Suitcase gas stoves are allowed if used under adult supervision.
  5. It is strongly advised that group leaders familiarise themselves with the facilities and brief their group on the actions to take in the event of a fire.

Addendum for COVID-19

The safety of our users is always important to us. We have risk assessments in place for the building and always ensure that maintenance is carried out as necessary. However, COVID-19 has brought new challenges and we need to put new systems in place to ensure that our building is operated in a COVID-secure way.

All groups using the building will follow Government Guidance along with any guidance/rules introduced by The Scout Association and Girlguiding or their own governing body and ensure that their own risk assessments are in place. The additional risk assessments need to be submitted to the Speen Scout HQ via Clare (Scouts) or Pauline (Guides) for our records.

  • We now have a COVID19 risk assessment to be read by all hut users, in addition to the existing risk assessments for building use and fire safety;
  • Pay attention to signage in place to help all users stay safe and make sure all attendees are aware of the signage and procedures;
  • We have placed hand sanitiser at the entrance and in the toilets;
  • All users must:
    • provide soap and suitable towels for the toilets and sink kitchen;
    • provide antiseptic wipes to wipe down all touch points and toilets at the start and end of their meeting;
    • remove from the building all used paper towels, wipes, soap, etc.
  • Pay attention to drop off/pick up procedures. We have installed extra outside lighting to facilitate drop off and pick up at the gate;
  • Section leaders must keep attendance records to be used by NHS test and trace if required in accordance with their organisational guidance. Section Leaders must ensure all policies with regards to their organisation are followed.